OpenSource StressRefine Uploaded

The source code for stressRefine has been uploaded here. It is all free per the terms of the GNU General Public License. There is a zip file containing four folders bdftranslate (the Nastran translator), SRui (the user interface), SRlibSimple (the stressRefine library), and srwithmkl (an executable analysis engine using the library). All are free per the Gnu Gpl. However, the analysis engine srwithmkl needs the Intel pardiso direct solver from the Intel Mkl library, and use of that library is subject to the Intel license. This is all explained in the document “Using the stressRefine source” which is in the same link above. Use of Gnu gpl for code that needs a separate proprietary library linked to it is allowed, though a bit awkward, as explained here. I’ll be working on replacing Intel/pardiso to remove this limitation. Only srwithmkl needs pardiso, so the other three, bdftranslate, srui, and srlibsimple, are not affected.

Please see the document “Using the stressRefine source” for instructions on how to make use of it. Options are to use the library only, with your own Fea code executable, to use the library linked to srwithmkl to create an analysis engine, or to build all four of the folders mentioned above to get a fully functioning UI, translator, and analysis engine.

The first lesson in the P-Fea course was posted today. This is introduction and theoretical background. Starting with next monday’s lesson I’ll dive into topics that will explain the code in the stressRefine library in depth.

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