Source for Full StressRefine functionality, and P-Fea lesson 3

The source for the UI and analysis engine (SRwithMkl) for stressRefine is now available on the stressRefine github in two new repositories fullUI and fullEngine. This includes multi-threaded and optimized elements and solution, and full breakdown functionality. The full version also has the recent enhancement that you can get a convergence plot on maximum principal stress as well as von Mises stress. There is also a choice for “Max Custom Stress” under result options. This allows you to use a user-subroutine to supply your own stress criterion. To use this, modify the routine SRmodel::UpdateCustomCriterion in the SRwithMkl project. The latest version of the UI and source executables are available here (they are in the 2019exe folder). If you have previously installed stressRefine with stressRefineSetup.exe, these replace the executables SRwithMkl.exe and SRui.exe in your stressRefine folder.

There are two potential uses for the stressRefine source. The first is to learn p-adaptivity, following along with the P-Fea course, or to work p-adaptivity into your own code. For that purpose, the library version is recommended, which uses the projects SRwithMklProj, SRlibSimpleProj, and SRUiProj. This version is simplified to be more readable. But is less efficient for larger models.

The other use for the stressRefine source is for users who want the full functionality, but may want to make minor modifications. For this the more efficient version is recommended, which uses the projects fullEngine and fullUI.

The Nastran translator bdfTranslate in project bdfTranslateProj is compatible with either version.

You will notice a change in the ui if you’ve used the previous version. Previously, when it fired up separate executables like SRwithMkl, it suppressed the console window and read the redirected output from the other process, displaying a status line and progress bar. There is a regression bug in VS2019 in C# (the language of the UI) so the output redirection doesn’t work properly. So I simplified things by just using the console window. It makes the code simpler and more robust and is just as functional.

These are all still windows projects, this week I will concentrated on coming up with Linux makefiles.

P-Fea Course lesson 3 has also been added.

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