P-Fea Course Lesson 4 Added, and Status Update on Source

I just added lesson 4 of the P-Fea course, on implementing error estimates and using them for p-adaptivity.

I am busily creating the Linux version of the source for stressRefine. I haven’t used Linux much, although I used Unix a lot in the past, so the old dog is dusting off some old skills as well as learning new tricks. I was able to recreate the stressRefine project on Linux using the Eclipse development environment, and I verified that the makefiles created by Eclipse work fine to “make all” the project from scratch at the command line, which is the goal. I got a lot of compiler warnings, however, because of code not compliant with Iso C++. These are mostly coming from old c-based string handling functions in SRstring.cpp. I’ve rewritten these, based on the C++ string library, to modernize them and make them more portable, which solves that problem. I had hoped to have the Linux version ready by today but I need to run all my regression tests on the rewritten version on both Windows and Linux, which should be done in a few days. Sorry for the delay, Linux users, I’m almost there.

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