Modified stressRefine Source For Linux

I have modified the stressRefine source so it compiles on either windows or Linux. makefiles are included along with instructions in the file in the github repository (

Note: there is no linux version of SRui because it is written C#, which is windows-specifice. It would be relatively simple to recreate it in a portable language like Java, to which C# is quite similar. To run stressRefine under linux without a UI, there are instructions in in the SRUIProj repository.

The translator bdfTranslate and the stressRefine library SRlibSimple compile and run fine on Linux. I modified SRlibSimple so it now contains the same full functionality as the full stressRefine project.

The full stressRefine project “fullengine”, and the executable project “SRwithMklProj”, both compile and link fine on linux with the Intel mkl solver suppressed. However, I was unsuccessful at getting them to link with the Intel Mkl library. I followed the Linux instructions from Intel but the link failed. I gave a lot of details about this in the files of those two projects. If anyone figures this out please comment here or in the repository.

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