StressRefine Software

StressRefine is a p-adaptive finite element code designed to read finite element meshes and automatically extract more accurate stresses by performing higher-order analysis. It can also perform global-local (or “breakout”) analysis on large models by isolating a region of interesting, applying the displacements from the finite element results as boundary conditions on the interface between the breakout region and the rest of the model, and reanalyzing the local region with higher polynomial orders.

All the software and documentation is in a shared folder here.


The document are available in both office (word or powerpoint) and pdf format.

You can download all the docs in zip from in Office or Pdf, or download individual documents from the folder Office Documents or Pdf Documents

Documents include quick overview (readmefirst), description (StressRefine), user’s guide, theory manual, validation manual, and installation guide

Software Download

StressRefine executable is a free version that works with Nastran model (.bdf or .dat) and ascii result files (.f06)

Download and run “stressRefineSetup.exe” to install the software. This installation file will

Sample Files For StressRefine

See the folder Sample Files for individual samples or download all from (185 Mb)